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Salvador Dali it was who said that the country of Mexico was too surreal for him to live in! Years have passed since the maverick painter related Mexico in such terms, yet when you visit Mexico even today, you won't find that comment too far off the mark. adelaide casino It is the whiff of unreality and magic that has attracted tourists and travellers for ages to this ancient country.


However, if we must focus on more concrete reasons why you should choose Mexico as your next travel destination, one must first mention the sheer variety that this country offers in terms of places and landscapes to visit. There are stunning beachside destinations such as Riviera Maya, aliante casino bonus breathtaking jungle haunts that you are going to find in places around Palenque, lakes and woods destinations to the south of Chiapas, plus not to mention the bustling and colourful big cities of Oaxaca, Merida, Tuxtla Gutierrez, and of course, Mexico City-- cities which have still retained their unique characters in this age of rapid homogenisation. The variety in landscape naturally corresponds to differences in climates and cultures of people. So, within a space of a week, you can find yourself from frolicking in the water under the pleasant summer sun of Riviera and with nothing but your bathing suit on, to the rainforest of the Chiapas where the cold is sure to tickle your spine unless you are adequately covered. And as you move along the length and breadth of this exceptional country, you will get to familiarise yourself with the many regional peoples and cultures.


Mexican cuisine is popular all over the world, and yet what you can enjoy when you are tasting the cuisine in its own land of origin is something that cannot be compared to enjoying Mexican dishes sitting in another country. The food holds special attraction to those with a taste for hot and spicy cuisines. In fact, all Mexican restaurants will offer you a varied assortments of hot sauces to season your food, and if you are not satisfied enough after them, you can wash it all with a tequila shot to let your throat burn (something we would never recommend though)! On top of this, all food-lovers will find the variety of street foods in offer a sheer delight.There are all kinds of munchies, and snacks, and smoothies, and fresh juices that you can enjoy while rambling along this or that section of a Mexican city or town. So, next time you are around the country, no matter whether you are in US, or in South America to catch the Brazil world cup possibly, make sure to pay a visit to this incredible country, and you are not going to repent the decision!

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Mexico boasts of a rich and ancient history and you can get more than a fair glimpse of this from a visit to the museums located in the capital city of Mexico City. The city, in fact, hosts a larger number of museums than any other city in the world. Apart from the museums artefacts, a definite attraction is the all kinds of exhibitions that are being held across many of these museums all through the year.